Saturday, August 5, 2017

This post was supposed to go up 11 months ago!

Good morning fellow BTBs and GTBs (maybe)! September holidays is finally here is over and for once I am actually getting some time off because I am done with coursework for my graduating classes and I am not scheduled for CCA duty. No words can describe the joy of being able to wake up at 7am on a weekday knowing that I am not late for anything. Hahaha. Anyway, sleep is not the only thing I am catching up on this week off. I really need to get back on track with wedding business!

Its been awhile since my last post where I shared with you all that I have finally secured my sanding venue for saturday at The Joyden Hall - which leaves me with catering to settle. To be honest, I have yet to book a caterer up till now (I know, forever taking my own sweet time and then regretting it) but I thought it would be a good time to just pop in here and give you all a few updates on my progress.

Sanding Venue Updates
No, don't worry, I didn't jump ship from The Joyden Hall. Haha. I just thought it'd be useful for me to share some considerations to make when selecting this venue, especially considering all the 2018 bookings and packages are coming up and I am seeing and hearing from so many more 2018 BTBs! Hi guys, welcome to the almost married club!

What I can say is be prepared to book the venue for a LONG duration. On the actual day, eventhough your majlis may only be from noon to 6pm, you need to remember that your vendors need time to set up and teardown. So you do need to give yourself some time before the event starts for your catering to set up, and for you to get ready in the bridal room (you can't use the bridal room earlier than your booking timing). As such, it is advisable that you book the hall starting from 2-3 hours before the start of your event. As for teardown time, I guess this really depends alot on the epic-ness of your decor, but it will probably take at least 2-3 hours to take down as well because of the sheer size of the venue. My advise is to speak with your decor vendor about this to figure how much time they need.  You will definitely need to book the pre-set up day for your decor vendors to do the set up - and because of the size of the hall, be prepared that you may need an upwards of 6 hours. So really, work closely with your decor vendors when settling the hours of booking and be prepared that the cost may go up after you take into consideration all this addition of hours here and there. If you are seriously considering this venue and you need to have a better idea of the rates and T&Cs, don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll be able to let you know more about it!

Other than updates on my venues, my man's side (Sunday's event) has also been on the venue hunt for the past few months! A little background information...his side is inviting a smaller group of only about 300 guests and he's been leaning more towards choosing a venue that provides a package deal as it is definitely easier and more economical. It makes no sense to engage like 7 different vendors in addition to venue booking for 300 guests. After considering a few options, it was narrowed down to 21 on Rajah @ Days Hotel or Desa Kartika.

Our first experience with 21 on Rajah was when I brought my man there for dinner for his birthday last year. They did have a wide variety of food there and the set up of the place was something that I really liked because the buffet lines were in a separate area from the dining hall. It really irks me when I am eating and there are people milling around near me or bumping into the back of my chair! When we met up with the consultant to talk about the quotations and packages that they offer, I was so impressed by her professionalism and warmth. She went through the packages with us patiently and tried to accommodate to all our concerns.

Again and of course, the floor to ceiling walls of clear glass panels along the perimeter (overlooking a garden no less!) won me over from the start. We have only been there at night so far, but can you just imagine the gorgeous natural light that would flood in on a sunny afternoon?! For a place that is not too big these clear walls really expand the floor and gets rid of any claustrophobia or stuffiness. There are doors that open out to the garden for our friends and family to get some fresh air or hang out. AND... if our wedding gets super boring, they just have to walk across the park to Zhongshan Mall to entertain themselves or go shopping. This is SO useful for weddings because, you never know right, when you may need something urgently - bobby pins, safety pins, blue tack, bubble tea, carrot cake, chicken rice hahahaha.

Aside from this, one of the main reasons why this was such a good choice, is because the food is so so so good AND the tables are refreshed by the staff as the guests come and go. This leaves us with very little to worry about on the day itself.

And this is where my draft ended 11 months ago. Haha! Please continue reading my next few entries where I'll attempt to do a major catch up over what happened in the last year. I am just 2 months + away from the big day now!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sorry for the lengthy hiatus!

Hello everyone!

Salam Aidiladha and Selamat Hari Raya Haji (:

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts and updates lately. I actually have so much to share! Please do bear with me a little longer as I work on the few posts coming up (currently they are all drafts, with missing bits and pieces of information, links and pics...haha).

Will be using the long weekend to tidy up and hopefully you'd have something substantial to read during your lunch hours this week. Haha. Will be sharing with you about some of the vendors that were around at CreatifCo.Lab Lumiere Wedding Showcase Presentation that was held in conjunction with Fairmont Hotel's Wedding Show, along with some of my own personal wedding planning updates and some thoughts about bridesmaids and support for the big day.

So do stay tuned... and in the meantime do enjoy your long weekend surrounded by family and friends!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Sanding - Signed, Sealed, Settled!

Hey again everyone more like anyone!

Its been close to a month since my last update where I shared with you my whirlwind experience of booking the outstanding Jentayu Gallery to make magic at my reception venue. And at that time, I had no actual venue confirmed or secured, so it was really a gamble just to secure Jentayu for my date. I was not even able to work out my total package cost or details of the items that I would need, haha. But all that is finally about to change! 10 months after I first started this search, I am so relieved and excited to share that my sanding venue for saturday is BOOKED!

The final lap before reaching our conclusion was not an easy one. We had basically pretty much settled on The Joyden Hall, except that my parents were still keen on somewhere located further east so we did do one last site recce for The Begonia Hall at D'Resorts Downtown East.

Those are the only 2 decent pictures of the place that I can find online, sorry.

Getting to the hall itself was quite a journey. From the north to the far east is already quite a distance but the thing about this hall is that it is located pretty far from the taxi stand, carpark and drop off point. As such we had to walk quite a distance to get there, making it one of my concerns for this venue already. I mean, if we who have no illness and difficulty walking already find it uncomfortable what more the elderly guests or those on walking aids. I definitely don't want them hobbling away or suffering just to get to the venue!

Once we reached the building with the hall, we noticed there was only one lift up to the hall on the 2nd floor. So again, this was a red flag in terms of accessibility. Nevertheless, I didn't want to strike this venue off yet - afterall, if it did match up to the way The Joyden Hall made me feel and it is in the east, its a win-win for both my parents and I. On the 2nd floor there is a expansive seating area or lobby which honestly is ideal for guests to mingle or to just hang out through the event without crowding the actual reception hall.

We met up with the consultant there who was very polite and warm. He showed us first to the additional rooms - prayer room, family room and bridal changing suite before taking us to the actual event hall. The rooms were huge! They were almost like smaller function halls so you can imagine that they would be able to comfortably fit in quite a number of people. All these additional rooms are fully air-conditioned and are inclusive in the venue hire cost. Definitely a plus point!

When we got to the actual reception hall, I must say that it was pretty nice. It gave off a really warm vibe cause of the dim yellow lighting and it was fully carpeted. There were also inherent light fixtures - about 4 long chandeliers across the room. The room itself was a little odd shaped to me cause it seemed very much longer than it was wide. The maximum capacity of the room is 30 tables and the dais can either be placed along the length of the room or at either end. All in all, it really was a decent venue. The consultant then explained that for the price we pay we would get the hall, the additional rooms and time the day before for set up! This is a great deal because usually event halls will consider all these as added cost.

By this point, I could honestly say that it was a tough choice. In my heart of hearts, I know I love The Joyden Hall more because the hall is bigger and the high ceilings and you can refresh your mind on my gushing with this post. But I know that a venue in the east was something my parents wanted, and this was not the worst hall ever so why not, right? Decisions, decisions....

BUT! It suddenly got a whole. lot. easier. Our consultant then dropped a bomb on us by letting us know that by the way the surrounding area of D'resorts (Asli Village and EHub area) would be undergoing a major renovation starting November 2016 to approx. November 2017.

Yup, that was the sign I needed. It was not meant to be. There was no way we would agree to have our wedding surrounded with construction - neither my parents nor I would take that sitting down. And with that, I scheduled my appointment with my consultant from The Joyden Hall secure my date and make my deposit. Of which she replied that my date was still available (Alhamdulillah!) but, another couple is looking at the same date, so I would need to get it done as soon as possible. So, to the other couple...if you happen to come across my blog and read this...I am so sorry! I wish you all the best in your wedding planning and that wherever you end up having your reception, it will be full of love and barakah!

So I did what was needed, put my deposit down and, ta-dah!

I am so pleased to say that as of today at 4.30 pm, I can finally look forward to having Jentayu's stunning work in this beautiful hall with these dramatic high ceilings!

For more information on my research on The Joyden Hall, please look back at this post on it where it is far more detailed. I did not want to go on and on again about it to spare everyone the extensive post!

And now, 15 months away, I am left with my last major vendor to settle - catering! Now this would be an adventure, cause for the first time ever, I have no clue where to start. I have nobody in mind, no particular idea of what I want, no ability to discern between the qualities of nasi minyak?! Hahaha.

In any case, its really been heartening to see the numbers pick up on this humble BTB blog of mine, We've surpassed a thousand total views! A big hello and thank you all for taking the time to read my rambling. Don't forget to leave a comment or drop me a line through the Talk To Me tab. I'll be glad to link up other fellow BTBs so do let me know your links too!


Monday, August 1, 2016

Meet-The-Parents Session

If you guys have read the "The Couple" tab, you would know that my man and I have been together for a pretty long time. We met in 2007 and we've been dating since 2009, which would make this our 7th year together. Growing up, I was never able to commit to anything or anyone. I was the kind of annoying girl who dates but bails when the other party develops real feelings or is serious about commitment. I've only been in barely 2 relationships prior to this, each not lasting even half a year.

So that evening, as he was walking into my house with his parents to meet mine - can you imagine how surreal that moment was for me? From not sticking to something for more than 6 months to choosing to hold on to what we have for 7 years. This is it - this is you committing, this is you settling down, this is you finding your happiness.

Well, it finally happened on the last Sunday of Eid. And I am so glad that it went well. His parents were lovely to my parents - warm, appreciative and polite. And Alhamdulillah, they have formalised the asking of my hand and my parents have accepted. They have also agreed to all the other terms of our wedding like the dates, hantaran, separate events and no exchange of gifts or formal engagement ceremony. And it was such a smooth conversation without hiccups, negotiations or misunderstandings! I am so relieved, thankful and happy.

InsyaAllah, with our parents blessings and support, the mahligai we are striving to build will be on strong foundations.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Drama, Dilemmas and Decorations

Hi again everyone! First and foremost, Eid Mubarak to all!

Work has been hectic as usual because I spent 90% of my June holidays back at work for longer hours than usual. And as all teachers would know, the second semester is a really short one (read: non stop, cramming everything in 12 weeks). Nevertheless, I still made some unexpected progress on the wedding front.

After booking my nikah venue, I thought I could just take a breather while my parents try to firm up their decision on my sanding venue for Saturday before booking my decor vendor closer to the 1 year mark - maybe September or October. As usual, I always think I have more time than I really do.

Of course, I did have a few vendors in mind already - Anggun Decorations, Jentayu Gallery, Signature Bridal and RH Bridal. The drama all started late one night, when I was browsing through all their social media and decided that its a good idea to maybe just ask for their packages or price range first since I have some time now to mull over it and do my finances before arranging meet ups after Eid. First one that I contacted was Anggun Decorations.

Now, these people are true magicians with drapery. Every time I look at their work I am just in awe of how much cloth they use to truly transform a hall into a stunning masterpiece. Because the look that I want for my reception is the ethereal-drapes-flowers-white-silver-cool vibe, I thought they would be someone to look out for. So I dropped them a message on their Facebook handle at 12 midnight asking for a price range and to arrange for a meet up soon. Kak Nyta got back to me instantly with the price ranges and then...

Bam! That was the first harsh slap of reality that told me to wake up my idea and get moving with my wedding preparations if I want my wedding to be what I want it to be. Nothing to wake you up quite like your first ever vendor rejection, really.

This just basically made me drop everything and sent me into bridezilla freakout mode. I quickly contacted Signature Bridal to set up an appointment to meet up with them and see what they have to offer. Signature Bridal is actually more of a photography and bridal company I think. Meaning to say their anchor service is not really their decorations. But I really like how they keep their daises quite elegant and polished - something I really want for my own.

Before I go on, it is time for another disclaimer:
All information and opinion that I have on this blog is a result of my own personal experience with the said vendor. I am simply sharing what happened and how it made me feel. I have no intention whatsoever of breaking anyone's rice bowl or dragging my own race (not really) down to poverty. Neither am I motivated by vengeance of any sort, my mother, father, uncles and aunties and grandma's don't own any wedding business. Basically, I have no personal vendetta against any vendor or service provider. I just feel that in order for information to help others it has to be truthful and transparent.

Now, where was I?

My scheduled appointment with Signature Bridal was for Saturday at 1pm. Two of their staff had confirmed this with me earlier in the week and I was really looking forward to meeting them. So on Saturday, I woke my man up and we headed over to their office. When we reached, it looked awfully dark and the door was locked with a sign that said they would be away at this time. Confused, I just rang the doorbell anyway. After 5 minutes of no response, I was getting rather impatient and I gave them a call.

When they answered my call, I tried my best to sound pleasant and calm because God only knows how little tolerance I have for incompetence. It turns out they forgot or "saw the date wrongly" and had just landed from a shoot in Korea. Sorry but, what the flamingo?

How can it be that 2 staff from the same place can confirm the date with me wrongly?! Definitely as a service provider you want to show from the get-go that you are a reliable company. So, this my friends, was already a bad impression and its just been 5 minutes into our relationship. The consultant asked if I mind waiting for half an hour or coming back tomorrow instead. In all honesty, I wanted to just go home. But since I am actually considering their work, I opted to wait for 30 minutes - seething no less.

During my 30 minute wait, I decided to contact Abang Joji from Jentayu Gallery to check if my date was even available. You may remember me mentioning him here, when I met him late last year. Jentayu Gallery has seriously been one of the dream decor companies for the wedding, and I am so sure I am not the only BTB who shares these sentiments. So of course, after I've tasted rejection once, I was so nervous and had such low hopes for Jentayu's availability, seeing how sought after it is.

So anyway long story short, when I finally met up with the consultant from Signature Bridal, even though she did seem pleasant enough and she was patient in explaining what they had to offer - I just really was not feeling the right vibes. Of course I did not walk away and reject them on the spot because I know that they are my next best option if Jentayu doesn't pull through for me.

The next morning, Abang Joji texted me again to let me know that he'll have his colleague attend to me during my appointment as he is out for another meeting. So...I asked him if it was confirmed that my date is still available. (I mean, I ain't gonna travel from Yishun to Eunos just to be told they can't do my date!) Unfortunately, Abang Joji didn't manage to check for me yet - meaning another few hours of suspense ...

By lunchtime, Abang Joji texted me again to update me and...Alhamdulillah! Last slot for my weekend! I was at work when I received the good news so I had to maintain my giggling to a minimum, lest it betrays my cold distant personality that my colleagues are used to. But boy oh boy was I so relieved and excited and over the moon and on cloud nine?!

Now I was really counting down to Tuesday for my appointment with them to see more of what they have (not that I wasn't 100% sold on them already) and to put my deposit down to secure my date. You know how the auto-response to someone not knowing something is "google it"? Well, if there is one thing that Mr Google does not know it is Jentayu's price points and payment terms. I spent a good 2 days scouring the ends of internet earth for any information at all on this and didn't even get close! I mean, as a BTB, money in and money out is important as I am sure you all know. There is a lot of pacing and planning of bookings and payments to make sure you are not left in debt or eating grass. 

So when Tuesday came, and I still have not found any information, I decided to assume that their terms would be similar to Signature Bridal's whereby blocking the date would come at a deposit of 2k. There I was, dragging so much money in my bag from home to work and then all the way to Eunos by myself. And ya'll know how much anxiety I have carrying around wads of cash so, that was one hell of a long journey and I couldn't wait to hand it all over to Jentayu and stop mentally freaking out. 

When I reached, Kak Fay attended to me. And she was the nicest most polite and helpful lady ever!!! She just brought me to a room and let me take a look at their albums of all their works including those not published on their social media. The thing that I loved most about her service was that she did not rush me! I absolutely hate pushy and rushy consultants who behave as if they do not have the time of day for you unless you shove your money in their face first. *rolls eyes* Anyway, nothing like that happened at Jentayu. In fact, after I was given a good 10 min alone to gush over all their pictures, Kak Fay came in and showed me even more of their work in different venues that they have done. She asked me where I am planning to hold my reception at and then let me have a look at their work in those venues and also gave me great insight onto some of the challenges and benefits of different halls.


She was super patient when explaining to me their price packages and what they include. Jentayu really has a wide variety of options available so that they are able to cater to the different needs for different brides. Their full deco packages are an upward of 6k and depend on the complexity and drop dead gorgeousness of their designs. Their full deco packages are really FULL okay - complete with chiviari chairs, table, buffet table deco, bridal table, doorgift table, registration table, aisle, pelamin, wall drapery, ceilings, eveything lah! They also have packages that include gubahan trays, doorgifts and invitations that are done up by TWC. These packages would be an additional 2-5k on top of the deco price. To me, for the quality of Jentayu's work and service, it is worth every cent. (Again, these prices are conservative estimates and ballpark ranges okay, please go and check with them directly for the most updated and accurate information)

Kak Fay then explained to me and reassured me that I don't have to commit to a package or a design right now. All I need to do to secure my date is to pay a small deposit of a few hundred bucks (haha, all that anxiety of carrying so much money for nothing), then arrange for another appointment with Abang Joji where I can bring in pictures and inspiration for us to conceptualize on the design and set up together. It is during this 2nd meeting that I will have to know which package I am taking up and what the design would be like - and also a more accurate estimate of the final total cost, of which I would need to pay a 20% partial payment. And the final meeting before the wedding would be 3 months prior where a 50% partial payment is due, and where I will go with them to the venue itself to finalize placements of the different tables and pieces and get a good sense of our vision coming to life in the space. So good right?! I mean, for someone who needs to be in control alot, this is a dream come true. I feel so involved and hands-on and that makes me so assured that I know exactly what is happening and what the hall would look like when I walk in. Love love love major love! Of course the last and final installment for payment will be on the big day itself - pretty normal for most vendors out there.

So without any hesitation...

Venue decoration - DONE!

Alhamdulillah! So happy to have struck this one off the list, albeit unexpectedly and in just the short time frame of a week. Haha! I guess it just goes to show that in the crazy world of wedding planning, sometimes things just never go as planned but they always turn out for the best, InsyaAllah! 

As for my venue, my parents and my sis would be taking a look at Begonia Hall next week and hopefully by this month we can finally make a decision on this and get the venue secured before it gets taken up. Once this is done, we can settle the last heavyweight vendor - catering. For now, I am just pinteresting my life away to collect enough material to bring to my next meeting with Jentayu and also exploring ideas on the smaller bits and pieces like wedding favors, invitations, henna and wedding cakes. Also trying to piece things together for my bridesmaids!

Hopefully it won't be too long  before my next entry and I can finally share my selected venue! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed hehe. Till next time dearies!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Just A Quickie

Hello again everyone!

As mentioned in my last post, we had decided on the nikah venue and Alhamdulillah, we have managed to secure the venue without a hitch. The team at Royal Plaza on Scotts has also been so patient and accommodating in acceding to my requests and being open and forthcoming in discussions on the room layout and itinerary. Being able to envision the day in its actual venue makes the wedding planning experience so much more real and exciting!

Moving forward, the top of the priority list is to secure the venue for Saturday as well and hopefully Azli's family to secure Sunday's venue as well. Since the school term is starting soon, and I foresee another 5 month hiatus from wedding planning, I've asked for my sisters help with sussing out just a couple more venues in the East - Begonia Hall @ Downtown East and SIA Sports Club. My family is actually pretty settled on The Joyden Hall but my dad still feels that where possible he would rather have a location in the east. So hopefully by the time we hit the 1 year mark in October, we would have secured all 3 venues so we can finally move on to other vendors like decorations and catering, InsyaaAllah.

I'll definitely try my best to keep this page updated as the wedding planning progresses despite my hectic schedule. In the meantime, I have updated the Get Connected tab (finally), so now you can just click to be directed to the vendors listed down so far!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Balmoral Hall, Royal Plaza on Scotts

Holy cow, it has been a good 5 months since I have updated anything on this page. If there are readers out there, don't worry, I didn't die. Its just that honestly, since my last update of booking Colossal Weddings as our photographers, absolutely nothing has progressed.

My parents and I have been briefly throwing ideas around for the nikah venue and arrangements since the start of the year. As you all know, there are 3 events in totality for the wedding - the nikah on Friday, my side's sanding reception on Saturday and my man's side sanding reception on Sunday. This would be my first entry on the nikah itself as all this time we've been researching more on the Saturday event given that it is bigger and more difficult to manage. In selecting our nikah arrangements, we had to be very clear on what our specifications for the event were - timing, budget, guest list, etc.

My man and I wanted to nikah on the weekend of 27 October (Friday), specifically because it means something to us. It would be our 100th month together and we think that it is important that the date holds a special meaning in our hearts. However, having a nikah on a Friday does pose some logistical limitations. Firstly, it being a weekday, the event has to be an evening one seeing as everyone's gonna be working. Why is this an issue? Because, my family is not open to having it at my house due to the relatively large number of guests that we are expecting for the nikah itself - about 120 or so. So if we can't have it at my house, we are only left with 2 other options which is at a mosque or at a separate function hall altogether.

Initially, I was so on board with doing it at the mosque really. I love the narrative starting to bina masjid in a masjid itself yknow? Like where better to start building your paradise than in the home of God himself. And here comes the big BUT, we have to consider that the masjid is and ultimately will always be first and foremost for the purposes of supplication and that we are not the only ones using it. Having it in the evening would mean it would tend to clash with either the maghrib or isha' prayers - unless we have it between the 2 times which only leaves us about less than half an hour. My dad and I agreed that squeezing it in the short time frame was not something that we wanted, because the nikah is what means the most to us. Furthermore, we have an obligation to our guests to serve and feed them decently which I do not think we can fulfill in that short time frame.

So, all in all, after the long story, I guess you'd be able to conclude that I've got to find a whole new hall or function room for my nikah event. My dad has always wanted my nikah event to be in a small room in a hotel - something quite exclusive and intimate I suppose? So he suggested that I take a look at the Balmoral Hall at Royal Plaza on Scotts. And as usual, as with all BTBs, we are so busy that we often subconsciously leave all wedding planning tasks to the bottom of our to-do lists. But luckily, it was so coincidental that a couple of weeks after my dad brought this venue up, RP on Scotts was having a wedding showcase and I got their mailer invite! It was a sign.

So I told my man that we have to go and check this out, and got us registered. Eventually the weekend came for us to check it out. And oh my god, was I floored or was I floored?!

Look at those gorgeous floor to ceiling windows all round! And the decorations that come with it (either purple and silver on top, or white and gold below) are so pretty and girly just like what I love?! I also love how the decorations on the walls and the dais area is not too gaudy and kept simple. Below are some images to show you what the hall itself looks like without the full on decorations and the adjacent poolside. (This is so good for the makciks and aunties who love to linger around!)

To be honest the hall is not very big. It would probably only be able to accommodate about 10 round tables including the dais. But having that wall of clear glass windows really just opens up the entire space! They did have some food from the menu for us to sample as well, but I didn't take any photos. All I can say is that, the price is steep, BUT for the amount you are paying per pax, it is worth it. For the view, the poolside, the hotel room that comes with it, the doorgifts and invites, the extensive menu and central location - I think it is a reasonable price tag. Of course if it is within appropriate means based on your own budgetting lah.

So after months of negotiation, back and forth on the proposed packages. Removing and adding this and that, working out logistics and number of pax. and exhausting other potential possibilities, we have decided on Balmoral Hall @ Royal Plaza on Scotts as our solemnization venue! I cannot even express how relieved I am to finally have one of our venues decided on. Even better, because this comes as a package, it kills many birds with one stone - caterer, decoration, etc. In fact, I have pretty much nothing left to worry about for my nikah except the invitations and doorgifts. (Oh and the kadi booking of course! Haha,)

Through these past 2 months, any time I meet up with my girl friends and they check in on my wedding planning progress, they are more panicked than I am that my venue is not booked when we are just a few months away from the 1 year mark. In fact, for a couple that's getting married next year, we are really quite far behind in terms of planning. My man suggested that once Ramadhan is over, we could really set aside a few hours every weekend with our laptops and devote that to wedding planning, and I could not agree more really.

So that's that then. I have arranged the meeting to be next week, with RP on Scotts to secure the venue and put down my deposit. InsyaAllah, all will go smoothly and this will be another step closer to getting our big day(s) put together!

Till next time, Ramadhan Kareem my sisters and brothers!